It was very timely that the day after International Women’s Day, Jeanette Wheeler, Partner and Head of Employment at Birketts, talked to us about gender equality and diversity in the workplace.

Jeanette reflected on her own experience, as well as drawing on some some powerful statistics that prove that 46 years after the Equal Pay Act, there is still some way to go for women to achieve genuine equality in the workplace.

For example, did you know that:

  • Women who have children before they are 33 earn 15% less than those who have them later
  • There are an increasing number of women Board directors, but there are still 17 all-male Boards in the FTSE 250
  • Just 74 of the 526 Board members of the EDP’s Top 100 businesses are female

Yet, as Lord Davies’ 2011 report proved (and we all know!) gender diversity on Boards improves business performance across a range of measures and the UK Commission for Employment & Skills estimates that the UK economy is losing between £15 and £23 billion because of gender-related failure.

You can view Jeanette’s presentation here: Slides from March 2016