In November, we heard from guest speaker, Jacquie Burgess, an Emeritus Professor of the University of East Anglia. She was appointed as a member of the Broads Authority by the Secretary of State in 2012, elected Vice-Chair by the members in 2013 and Chair in 2015.

Jacquie grew up in Norwich, leaving the Blyth School in 1967 to study geography at Hull University. She joined the Geography Department of University College London in 1975, becoming its first ever woman Professor in 1998. She moved to the School of Environmental Sciences at UEA in 2006, becoming Head of School in 2007.

Jacquie is a specialist in understanding the cultural significance of landscapes and places and the importance of involving stakeholders and communities in the decisions about how best to manage them sustainably. As Vice-Chair, she encouraged the Broads Authority to commission the extensive stakeholder surveys which were completed last autumn and will form the basis for the development of new strategies for the Authority in 2015-16.

Jacquie has known and loved the Broads landscapes since she was a child; her grandchildren are growing up in Norfolk and she relishes sharing her love of these places with them. Having never had the opportunity to take up sailing when she was young, she has now taken up the challenge in her 60s and is learning the ropes with expert tuition from sailors at the Norfolk Broads Yacht Club in Wroxham!